Rules and Obligation for a US Live in Indonesia for Longer?

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Rules and Obligation for a US Live in Indonesia for Longer?
Rules and Obligation for a US Live in Indonesia for Longer?

Having  the tasty cheaper food and meeting most friendly tradition in this earth. Look at the sprawl of eleven thousand-ish tropical islands Indonesia have The sea and the beach are calling.

Beautiful nature, friendly people, tasty food, and not to mention, everything is cheap. It’s understandable to have a tropical dream to live in Indonesia. It’s not easy to not get tempted to pack your bag, catch a flight, and move here. Well, if only it is that easy.

Seriously, though, can a US citizen to live in Indonesia? I personally think that everyone has a right to live wherever they want, except probably Antarctica, because it’s reserved for the penguins only, and because it’s important to our earth, human existence will do more harm than good.

Anyway, back to the warmer place Indonesia, of course, you can live here as long as you abide by the local law and regulation. Here is some way you can live in Indonesia as a US citizen.

  1. As a tourist

US citizen is allowed entry to Indonesia as a tourist for 30 days and can be extended to 30 days more. This is all visa-free. They only need to stamp your passport and that’s it, the beach at Bali is what’s waiting.

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30 days is maybe not enough to explore the whole country, but it’s quite enough to explore a region, such as only Bali.

Rules and Obligation for a US Live in Indonesia for Longer?
Rules and Obligation for a US Live in Indonesia for Longer?
  1. Be an expat

If 30-60 days is not enough for you, start looking for something more permanent. You can seek a job in Indonesia and live here longer than just being a tourist.

The most popular position people seek is for English native speakers. There are many international schools in Indonesia seeking a teacher for English. It’s your chance to find something more solid.

Another option is being a digital nomad. It’s where you have a business in your own country only all the operation is done from a quiet beach house in Bali. Sounds like a paradise working environment doesn’t it? Many people have done it and become pretty successful.

The growing startup companies is another sector where you can seek job opportunities. Many startups here are in need of talent. They sometimes need people with insight into the origin of startup a.k.a the USA. If your skill set is around startup, technology, fintech, you can find a position in Indonesia.

  1. Marry an Indonesia
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A shortcut, although not by any means easier than other methods, is to marry an Indonesian.

Then you’re granted a permanent residence as a spouse of an Indonesian. Not to be mistaken though, it’s not easy to find a lifelong partner, wherever you are, US, Indonesia, or everywhere. But it’s possible.

To help you with Indonesian dating here is some useful material:

What to prepare when you plan to live in Indonesia

Now that you’ve decided and trying to find the best method that works for you in achieving your dream, you need to make some preparations.

  1. Learn the language

Because the majority of Indonesians don’t speak English, it’s a must to learn the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t worry, Indonesian is not difficult to learn. Here are some useful reads to get started:

  1. Prepare for culture shock
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Indonesia is very different than in the US. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the change. To minimize culture shock, it’s advisable to do a lot of research beforehand.

There is a lot of material on the internet to help you with this. Learn the culture, observe how people live around the country. The key is to educate yourself.

  1. Get used to the food

Food in Indonesia is delicious. If you move here, you’re up for a treat. However, many westerners find Indonesian food spicier to their taste. This is also something you need to get used too.

So, in conclusion, a US citizen can live here as long as they follow the rules and don’t intend to break any law. Another thing, a US Citizen may live here easy if he or she prepare to adapt to the local custom and tradition.


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