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Best Water fall in East Java is Jaran Goyang Probolinggo

sone tourist enhoy the panorama


Probolibggo, localhost/server/gkx— In Probolinggo in East java is available numerous tourism destination. One of them is Jaran Goyang Waterfall in Guyangan Village, Krucil sub-district. In Probolinggo.


Thiss waterfall was nominated as the best tourism destination in the event of One Village One Destination (OVOD) held by the local government.




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sone tourist enhoy the panorama

In a week, there are around 700 visitors enjoying the beauty of this waterfall, which is 70-80 meter in height. It has various facilities, such as fish pond, swimming pool, and gazebo.

Taman 99 in the entrance gate with various local fruits and flowers makes this place very instagrammable. The visitors crowd this place to take photos and upload it in social media.


According to the Head of Guyangan Village, Hasyim, the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) of Guyangan Village, provides a vegetable garden for the souvenirs.


Jaran Goyang Village is 35-kilometer away from the center of Probolinggo in Kraksaan City. It takes around one hour to reach this place by private motorcycle or car.


The guests may also use the taxibike (ojek) or public transportation (angdes) that can be found in Simpang Tiga Pajarakan. If the guests come in groups, they may contact the managers first.


Jaran Goyang Waterfall has been operating since 2016, when the local government repair the road to the waterfall location. Since then, the waterfall can be enjoyed by people.




People can come and enjoy the beauty and the fresh air of this waterfall. In fact, the Government of Probolinggo is involved in the repair process of tourism infrastructures, such as building bridge and street.


The entrance free to Jaran Goyang Waterfall is free. According to Hasyim, this tourism destination will be officially launched on 7 December 2019 to welcome the Christmas and New Year Holiday.


After enjoying the beauty of the Jaran Goyang Waterfall, the visitors can enjoy the organic coffee in Watupanjang Village, which is located 7.3 kilometer from the waterfall. They may also go to Eco Park and milk house in Bermi Village, 8.1 kilometer from the waterfall. These places are located in Krucil sub-district, Probolinggo. (abdu)

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