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1 Palembang Victim Dies Positive Corona, the Task Force Oversees Surrounding Victims

South Sumtra Province Gobernor, Herman Deru, speaking to reporters

Palembang, localhost/server/gkx--South Sumatra Governor, Herman Deru announced that one Palembang Citizen died positive for COVID-19. Due to this findings, several people who were close to the victim were under monitored.

“Since the death of Patients Under Surveillance (PUS) yesterday, People Near Patients (PNP) have been monitored. That is why, people around are monitored and the organization of their bodies in accordance with SOP COVID-19,” said Herman Deru, Tuesday (03/24/2020).


Not only monitor the people around the victim, the Corona Southb Sumatran Task Force to even trace the history of the victims travel records. From Where the patient is known to have just returned from Jakarta.

“The chronology must be traced, yes, he just returned from Jakarta and that is an exposed Covis 19 area. All of us are keeping an eye of them, said Deru.

While related to the status of another PUS who is now at Muhammad Hoesin Hospital in Palembang, he made sure the laboratory results had not yet come out. Only one patient whose results have been submitted by the Task Force at the national level.

“Only one. The others have not come out yet,” Herman Deru said replying the question of victims rate in his area.

Regarding the temporary closure in the Corona PUS positive residential area, Herman Deru did not say much. Because, to determine the status of the region is at the central government Jakarta Capital.

“To determine the status of green, yellow and red from the center,” explained Herman Deru, While he mentioned that is The Central Task Force Jakarta job.

For information, Deru confirmed that 1 of his citizens who died was positive for COVID-19. This is after the specimens sent to the Ministry of Health’s lab came out today, Tuesday 24/03/2020.

Deru said that he sent six specimens of Patients Under Surveillance (PUS) to be checked by the Ministry of Health Medical Task Force Covid 19. Of the six PUSs, one person was tested positive from two people had died.

Previously, the central government announced the number of positive corona cases reached 686 people as of Tuesday (3/24). Of these figures, 55 of them died and 30 were declared cured.

Corona positive cases are Bali (6 cases), Banten (65), DI Yogyakarta (6), DKI Jakarta (424), Jambi (1), West Java (60), Central Java (19), East Java (51), West Kalimantan (3), East Kalimantan (11).

Then Central Kalimantan (3), South Kalimantan (1), Riau Islands (5), West Nusa Tenggara (1), South Sumatra (1), North Sulawesi (2), North Sumatra (7), Southeast Sulawesi (3), South Sulawesi (4), Lampung (1), Riau (2), North Maluku (1), Maluku (1), Papua (3), and in the verification process (5 cases).

“The addition of new cases is 107 cases, bringing the total number of victims to 686 positive cases of corona, said the government’s special spokesperson for dealing with corona, Achmad Yurianto during a press conference on Tuesday (24/3). (goik)

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