Alzheimer and 14 Impressive Health Benefits of Herbs

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JAKARTA, GESAHKITA com--Herbs recently found a proof as a miracle medicine which the most . Scientist and doctors  over decade have decided and solved healths issues as follows:
1. Herbs Boost Psychological Health
Many studies have been proved that consuming herbs improve cognitive function. If you wish to improve your psychological health, incorporate rosemary into your diet. This miraculous herb is beneficial for other health problems as well, but it is ideal for the brain. It not just improves memory, but fights factors that cause severe brain diseases, for example, Alzheimer’s. You will be surprised to learn that you don’t always have to buy it as you can keep a pot of it in your kitchen and use it as much as you want.
2. They Reduce Risk of Cancer
Cancer is indeed a life-threatening disease, but you can prevent an occurrence of cancerous cells by incorporating these magical herbs in your daily life. Parsley is highly packed with apigenin. Consuming this component can reduce chances of cancerous cells and tumors in your body. Moreover, apigenin also contributes to block new blood vessels formation, which is what leads to tumor growth.
3. Herbs Regulate Bowel Movement
Consuming herbs is ideal when it comes to an irregular bowel movement (IBS). It is utterly irritating and should be dealt with adequately and on time. It was found out that peppermint could be a safe source to treat IBS. It relieves the problem by reducing pain-sensing fibers that caused by consuming mustard and chili and triggering an anti-pain mechanism in the colon.
4. Anti-inflammation Properties
No doubt incorporating herbs in your daily diet is the healthiest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These herbs are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. For instance, an enzyme beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP) found in oregano is the safest way to reduce joints inflammation. It also stops the formation of inflammation-causing substances. It is also known to minimize swelling combating the factors associated with it.
5. Rich in Antioxidants
Consuming food enriched with antioxidants is essential as it treats various health problems. These antioxidants have potential to absorb oxygen and fight off free radicals that cause severe diseases. You can get plenty of antioxidants by consuming thyme. So next time, don’t forget to sprinkle some fresh thyme on your food.
6. For Immune System
You may have heard experts emphasizing on the importance of a strong immune system. It is because it can kill various germs and bacteria that are responsible for infections – such as the common cold, flu, frequent stomach complications, etc. But you can combat these draining health issues by consuming anise – a sweet and aromatic seed. It is widely used in plant medication to suppress coughs, runny nose, lost appetite, upset stomach, etc. because it has high levels of phenylpropanoids, which are responsible to fight bacteria, making your immune system stronger.
7. Herbs for Cardiovascular Health
If you are struggling with cardiovascular health, start consuming basil leaves. The leaves contain strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidants components that help treat various cardiovascular complications. Basil leaves are also known to help maintain blood pressure levels. A study has also proved that consuming basil essential oil can lower cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood glucose.
8. Herbs are Antibacterial and Anti-fungal
People with certain food allergies are advised to incorporate oregano into their diet as this mighty herb have plenty of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. These properties are essential to consume as it fights food-borne infections, diseases and of course allergies.
9. For Cough and Cold
A sore throat, cough and cold are no doubt utterly irritating. You can treat them by consuming mixed herbs-tea. Sipping on warm tea is the safest way to relieve the symptom of a common cold and its aroma also works to calm your nerve. You can try thyme tea as well, which contains thymol. It has potential to protect your body from harmful organisms.
10. Herbs are Used for Pain Alleviation
Many studies have proved that the continuous consumption of herbs relieves various bodily aches and pains including joints pain. These herbs are also effective in eliminating joint inflammation. Moreover, in Chinese traditional medicines, peppermint, curcumin, and sage are widely used for several pains including menstrual pain.
11. For Depression and Other Emotional Problems
Depression and other psychological problems should never be ignored as they are associated with your cognitive health. Being a soothing herb, sage can treat emotional problems and can fight symptoms of depression. Inhaling its aroma is known to relieve your stress levels, which is again a serious health problem.
12. For Long Hairz
If you are tired of your dry and damaged hair, you need to stop worrying now. Long and luscious hair isn’t a problem anymore as the solution is found in herbs. You can add herbal teas to your daily routine that contain anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. These properties are known to improve your scalp by preventing it from fungus and dandruff that are the causes behind your deadlocks.
13. Herbs for Flawless Skin
Herbs like thyme, oregano, and peppermint are loaded with antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help in acne prevention. These components also reduce acne marks leaving your skin clear and radiant.
14. For Healthy Bone
It is surprising, but consuming herbs improve bone health by reducing joint inflammation. Moreover, the amount of calcium found in parsley and basil is also effective to maintain healthy teeth.
15. They Fight Infections
Infectious bacteria cause various health problems and it is where these herbs come into action. Thanks to the antibacterial properties in them as they keep these germs and bacteria at bay. The soothing aroma of these herbs relieves nausea as well.
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