Police Intervened Inafis Team To Investigate Murder of Mother and Daughter

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Photo Scene of Subang murder
Photo Scene of Subang murder

SUBANG, GESAHKITA COM–Police Head Quarter West Java,  intervened  by  moving The Indonesian Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (Inafis) Team to investigate the murder of a mother and a daughter in Subang, West Java.

The Inafis teams together with Subang Police personnel held a pre-reconstruction at the victim’s house or at the scene of the murder.

Subang Police Identification Unit Head,  Asep Nugraha said that the pre-reconstruction was carried out to find out the storyline regarding this horrific and sadistic murder.

He also spoke to reporter that  the Inafis team again examined the evidence that had been secured, including tools suspected of killing the victim, the perpetrator used a tool to hit the victim, such as a kitchen knife, and a bloodstained shirt belonging to one of the witnesses.

“The purpose of that is to find out the storyline, which will be pre-reconstructed for those who know and hear about the incident,” Said Asep,  Friday (20/08/2021).

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The murder of a mother and daughter were the victims  in the Jalan Cagak Subang area.

The murder of a mother and child in the Jalan Cagak Subang area by the perpetrator is sadistic. The reason, the mother was slaughtered while sleeping.

“We will pre-reconstruct three people at the TKP (the crime scene). The witnesses we bring are the witnesses we need to clarify the incident, conclusion.

According to Police officer, The Accident was happening while the husband stayed in the second wife residence.

Reported before the Police has questioned 10 of those are preasumed as witnesses as on the police in investigation process.

Head Unit Crime Police Resort Subang, M Zulkarnaen said that the motive of the murder is not clear yet so far.

“The Motif was not yet clear, but between the suspect and the victims could be concluded that both know each other , “said him told to reporter, Thursday.

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He added, the attack didn’t make any ruin. As it was viewed from the fighting area.

The death body of the victims, 55 years old mother and 23 years old daughter, earlier found on Alpard bagage on Wednesday, (18/08/2021)morning in the family house, West Java, Subang Regensi, Ciseuti village, Cagak Road, Cagak Sub district.(*)



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