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Indonesian Word For Fruits And Vegetable

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Indonesian word for fruit and vegetable
Indonesian word for fruit and vegetable

JAKARTA, GESAHKITA COM—Have you ever been to Indonesia? You say never, no wonder you don’t know some unique you would never found in the other earth. For instances beauty and delights view as well as food which has special taste besides fruit and vegetable that would make you surprised when you see and pick them to taste.

Alright, you might be in short in the future by your plan you would come and visit Indonesia as tropical famous country with the fertilized land to grow many plants here, you had better to know some words in Indonesia what to call fruit and vegetables from A to Z belows,


Anggur – grapes

Alpukat – avocado

Apel – apple

Apricot – apricot

Asam jawa – tamarind

Arbei – blackberry


Belimbing – starfruit

Bengkuang – yam beam, jicama, Mexican turnip

Bluberi – blueberry

Blewah – cantaloupe

Buah naga – dragonfruit

Buah ara – fig


Ceri, buah ceri – cherry


Delima – pomegranate

Durian – durian

Duku – dukuh


Frambus, frambozen – raspberry


Genitu/kenitu – custard apple


Jambu – guava

Jambu air – rose apple

Jeruk – orange, citrus

Jeruk nipis – key lime

Jeruk bali – pomelo


Kedongdong – Ambarella

Kelengkeng – longan

Kelapa – coconut

Kiwi – kiwi

Kurma – date


Leci – lychee

Lemon – lemon


Mangga – mangosteen

Markisa – passionfruit

Manggis – mangosteen

Mentimun – cucumber

Melon – melon


Nanas – pineapple

Nangka – jackfruit


Persik – peach

Papaya – papaya

Pir – pear

Pisang – banana

Plum, buah plum – plum


Rambutan – rambutan


Salak – snake-skin fruit

Sawo – sapodilla fruit

Semangka – watermelon

Stroberi – strawberry


Terong belanda – Tamarillo

Tomat – tomato

Here are related words to Indonesian words for fruits:

Manis – sweet

Pahit – bitter

Masam – sour

Getir – acrid

Mentah – under ripe, raw

Matang – ripe

Manisan – pickled, candied

Kulit buah – peel

Fruits in Indonesian can be consumed directly, with no cook proccess

For you to remember guys, in Indonesia most of the time, fruits are eaten directly as desert. But fruits are also widely consumed in the form of juice. The juice may be slightly different from what you usually have because Indonesians like to add rock ice, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and sometimes even vanilla ice cream into the juice. It is surely not the healthiest drink option, but it indeed is delicious.

Somehow, some people also fry some fruits as a snack which you can easily find across the country. For example fried banana or pisang goreng, fried jackfruit or nangka goreng in which both are popular snacks. Other famous snacks using fruits are nagasari which is a custard pudding with banana covered in banana leaf. Sometimes fruits are also cooked into sweet soup called kolak such as kolak pisang, kolak nangka, and more. There are also some fruits usually used for fruit soup or sup buah and fruit salad such as watermelon, melon, nangka, strawberry, avocado, and dragon fruits.(red)

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