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Cara Berikut Ini Diyakini Mampu Cegah Banjir Kata GMMPT

PALEMBANG, GESAHKITA COM — One of the main things that must be considered in preventing flooding is environmental cleanliness. For this reason, disposing of garbage in its place is the main and most effective way.

This was said by the Secretary of the Community Movement Against Sinking Palembang (GMMPT), Dedek Chaniago at the GMMPT Secretariat, Saturday (20/02/2021).

In short, the man who is called Dedek also describes his pointers, including:

1. Do not throw garbage carelessly

The main way to prevent flooding is to dispose of garbage in its place. You may be tired enough to hear the message “throw the trash in its place” and many people underestimate it. Not many people actually do it, even though littering has the potential to cause flooding.

Even if the garbage is not dumped in the river though. Garbage that is scattered on the roads and in other places can be carried by the wind to the surface of the water, or if it rains it will be swept away by rainwater into drains and waterways.

Even though you feel it’s just a little bit, the trash that you litter will collect with other garbage and eventually block the flow of water. The water will create puddles that can cause flooding.

GMMPT report document

2. It is advisable to plant trees around the house and environment

Planting trees can also be an effective way to prevent flooding. Trees and greenery can prevent flooding. However, not many people know how trees work to overcome excess water discharge.

Plants will burrow their roots into the soil. The hole that the root produces provides a path for water to further enter the soil. Without plants, rainwater often does not penetrate the ground deeply because of the rocks.

In addition, if in your home environment there are still shady parks or trees, make sure not to cut them down. This is to facilitate the absorption of rain water, which of course will keep the environment away from flooding.

3. By Making Absorption Well (Biopori) Mandiri

Making biopore holes and absorption wells will reduce the potential for flooding because water will be absorbed into the ground. This is especially important for those of you who live in residential areas with a dominant asphalt surface. Not only that, this method of preventing flooding can also increase the amount of groundwater reserves which are now depleting.

 4. Try To Repair and Rearrange The Water Supply System

The nature of water is that it flows from high to low places, if the water drainage system runs perfectly there will be no water accumulating in certain areas. Therefore, you need to make a good water channel around the house, so that the rainwater that falls does not accumulate on the ground or asphalt around the house.

Selain itu, bagi kamu yang memiliki pekarangan atau halaman rumah, usahakan untuk tidak menutup semuanya dengan beton atau aspal. Jika tidak memungkinkan untuk menjadikannya sepenuhnya tanah, gunakanlah paving sehingga masih ada lahan untuk penyerapan air.

Tanggul di sungai berfungsi untuk meminimalisir luapan air, sedangkan sumur buatan memiliki fungsi menyedot air dengan cepat di daerah rawan banjir seperti perkotaan.

Cara mencegah banjir selanjutnya adalah dengan rutin membersihkan selokan di lingkungan rumah. Melakukan kerja bakti dengan orang-orang yang dekat tempat tinggal kamu bisa dilakukan secara rutin. Tidak harus tiap hari atau tiap minggu, kamu bisa melakukannya setiap dua minggu atau setiap bulan. Selain bisa mencegah banjir, kegiatan ini juga akan mencegah selokan menjadi sarang nyamuk dan tikus penyebab penyakit.

Dedek Chaniago, dan teman teman GMMPT usai seminar

5. Usahakan Untuk Tidak  Membangun Rumah di Pinggir Sungai

Menghindari membangun rumah di pinggir sungai juga bisa dilakukan sebagai cara mencegah banjir. Membangun rumah di tepi sungai memiliki banyak risiko sekaligus bisa merusak lingkungan karena sampah rumah tangga jadi jauh lebih mudah hanyut di sungai.

Tidak hanya itu, lingkungan yang biasanya terlalu padat di pinggir sungai bisa menjadi tempat berkembangnya berbagai penyakit yang bersumber dari sanitasi yang buruk.

“Cara mencegah banjir memang merupakan usaha bersama-sama setiap orang. Oleh karena itu, memulai langkah pencegahan dari diri sendiri terlebih dahulu dapat berpengaruh terhadap lingkunganmu, “imbuh nya.

Dedek also believes, “The more people who realize the importance of ways to prevent flooding starting from their own, the easier it will be to avoid this disaster from happening,” he said. (Source: GMMPT Secretariat)

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