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Swear Words In Indonesian You Might Require, Do Check Up Here…!

JAKARTA, GESAHKITA COM– Learning Indonesian Swear words is important. Not that you can use it in everyday conversation, but so you can avoid in using the words. Whether you are learning the language for academic purpose or only for short vacation, it is important to at least know the meaning of the swear words.

In general, swear words are taken from six categories which are in relation to religion or belief, genital organs, body part, body function, synonym of ‘bodoh’ (stupid), and animal name. Below are some example of Indonesian swear words.


Anjing! = Dog!

Asu! = Dog! Javanese


Babi lu = you pig, swine

Bangsat = dork

Bajingan = bastard

Brengsek = jerk

Bokong = ass

Bego = moron

Buaya darat = womanizer

Buaya = crocodile

Banci = shemale, usually refers to coward people

Bacot = too much talking

Bedebah = son of a bitch

Bencong = synonym of banci, ladyboy

Blo’on = another term of stupid, as harsh as bego

Bodoh = stupid

Boker = pooping or doing your ‘business’.

Bawel = annoyingly talks too much

Budeg = refers to someone who can listen perfectly, or has problem with hearing.


Centil = flirtatious girls

Caper = seeks others’ attention in annoying way

Curut = refers to tikus curut or rat

Cabe lo = you are a bitch

Expression on Angry (credited 123rf photo)


Dodol = a name of Indonesian sweet snack. But if refers to cursive word, it translates as stupid, only in less harsh tone but still offensive.

Dekil = clumsy and dirty looking people


Eneg = feeling of fed up until you want to throw up. But as cursive words, it shows disgust to something.

Edan = Javanese word which means crazy minds or insane.


Ganjen = flirtatious act

Goblok = Javanese word, synonym of bodoh, translated as stupid.

Gigolo = male prostitute

Gila = crazy. It is offensive when you accuse others as crazy or insane i.e. dasar gila! (You insane)


Haram jadah = misbegotten


Iblis = devil


Jablay = stands for ‘jarang dibelai’, this similar to bitch

Jahanam = hell

Jancok = Javanese words, means fuck.

Jayus = you are not funny

Jembut = Javanese words, means pubic hair.

Jalang = bitch, whore

Jangkrik = cricket, mostly used in Java Island.


Kadal = lizard

Kampret = damn

Kancut = underwear

Kontol = Javanese word for dick

Kampungan = dork

Katrok = synonym of kampungan, generally means dork

Kafir = disbeliever

Kere = poor, but in negative sense

Keledai = donkey

Kecepirit = poop in pant or can also refers to fart with slight poop coming out. Eeww.


Lebay = overreacting, in annoying way

Lonte = Javanese word of female whore

Laknat = damn it


Monyet = monkey

Monyong = long mouth or refers to people with blabber mouth

Matamu = this can be just ordinary word meaning your eye. But when saying it in angry tone, it can be cursive which refers to someone’s vision.

Memek = pussy

Mesum = immoral acts

Maho = gay-ish man


Ngentot = fucking

Nyolot = trigger someone’s emotion

Norak = dorky attitude

Otak udang = shiit in the brain


Perek = bitchy, callgirl

Pelacur = prostitute

pelakor = stands for ‘perebut laki orang’, which refers to women who date another women’s husband or boyfriend.

Pantat = ass


Sampah = rubbish

Sarap = crazy, insane

Sinting = insane

Sempak = men’s underwear

Setan = devil, ghost

Sial = shit

Sialan = damn it.


Tai, taik, taek = shit, poop, faeces. Also added animal name after the word i.e tai kucing (cat poop)

Tolol = stupid

Toket = women’s boob

So you know the Indonesian dirty words, you can avoid using the words unless you are in an ultra-furious situation. However, Indonesian people, especially among close friends, may use some of the words quite often for fun. But when you are not sure about the situation, it is better to refrain from using dirty words, otherwise it can cause in misunderstanding.

It is also important to note that different island or area in Indonesia may have its own dialect for bad words. For example in Java, they have their own as well as other areas. In most cases, people also combine more than one dirty word for a harsher meaning or at least they add the word ‘lu’ or ‘kamu’ to refer to the person.

Monyet gila = crazy monkey

Otak mesum = immoral-thinking brain

Eneg sama lo = I am sick of you

Dasar babi gila = You crazy pig

Anjing busuk = rotten pig

anjing gila = mad dog

As you know, the words are not intended for everyday conversation especially when you talk to older people and small children. This list of words should be enough for personal reference.(edited version)


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