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Celine’s story: Graduated from Medical Faculty Airlangga University at the age of 19, now Received at  Masters Degree at Harvard  LPDP Scholarships

JAKARTA, GESAHKITA COM—Maria Celine Wijaya not only became a youngest alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, but she also received a scholarship at one of the best universities in the world. Celine was successfully accepted at the Master of Medical Science in Global Health Delivery at Harvard University this year. She also received an LPDP scholarship to finance his studies.

How’s the story?

Before becoming a Harvard University student, Celine was a student of Medical Unair in 2013-2017. She managed to get a medical degree at a very young age of 19 years.

“I accelerated from elementary to middle school twice, so it only took me four years. Then, I entered elementary school at the age of five. Finally I entered college at the age of 15,” She explained, quoted from the Unair website, cited by detik news translated by gesahkita com, Monday (27/6/ 2022).

After graduating, Celine decided to apply for a master’s degree study abroad. Until finally, Celine managed to qualify at the three best universities in the United States, including Harvard University.

“I was looking for it. Well, it so happened that the five best public health campuses in the world are all in the United States. In the end, I applied at the first, second, and third ranked campuses. All three were accepted and were the most suitable at Harvard. ,” She explained.

Currently, Celine is busying herself by holding on to the principle of still wanting to develop and continuing to gain knowledge even in the midst of her status as a mother. One of them is by preparing for doctoral studies.

In preparation, She continued to write by publishing several articles and op-eds in the mass media, to doing research in international journals. Not only focusing on the world of research, Celine also has an interest in the issue of gender equality in education which she actively publishes on her Instagram

“I’m also focusing on the issue of gender equality in education. One of the activities I’m developing is making women’s scholarships in collaboration with Kitabisa, as well as mentorship programs for women in the future,” explained her.

Celine’s Success Tips
Having high ideals requires effort and mature tips. Celine said that she had set goals from the start so it was easy for her to achieve her dreams.

“Determine the vision, mission and goals. For example, what field of career do you want to pursue or for example, what field of study do you want to study. After finding a goal, namely assembling steps to achieve that goal,” said her again.

Then Celine also instilled a global mindset. Cultivating this mindset by diligently seeking information related to opportunities, either on social media or from people who have succeeded first.

Not to forget, Celine is also active in exercising to balance her life. This Medical Aitlangga University regularly participates in marathons and yoga.

Source : detik news , Airlangga University Site

Translated gesahkita

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