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South Sumatra Government Launches Food Independent Movement

PALEMBANG, GESAHKITA COM—South Sumatra government initiates a food productivity program to prevent citizen from the shortage of food in next short future.

To start up this, according the governor of South Sumatra, Mr Herman Deru that his side has to implement the jargon which his mention as “Changing the mindset from buyers to producers”.

This following program is also related to activating the South Sumatra Food Independency Food program.

This is mentioned on his statement during the opening of  the synchronization meeting of the South Sumatra Food Independent Movement (GSMP), in Grand Aston Palembang Hotel Ballroom, Wednesday (29/6).

In order to  get the program reached as it is hoped,  Herman Deru also emphasized that the South Sumatra Province Food and Livestock Security Service and other related agencies should increase synergy with the other  Regency Governments in South Sumatra so that efforts to realize food self-sufficiency program will be quickly realized.

“In realizing self-reliance and food security, we must have one frequency. This effort must indeed start from the top. We who are in this government must invite the community,” said him.

Governor also instructed related parties to map out suitable food potential in each region, so that each region has its own food cluster.(ril)



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