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Dr Sunda Ariani The Selected Rector of Bina Darma University

PALEMBANG, GESAHKITA COM — Dr. Sunda Ariana, M.Pd., M.M., was just elected as the Rector of Bina Darma University (UBD) after a meeting conducted to discuss in the matter of the Restructuring of campus Leaders on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 in the Main Building of UBD Campus, Palembang, South Sumatra.

Speaking to localhost/server/gkx board of chairman Bina Darma University, finally has decided that Doktor Sunda Ariana is the capable person to lead the University.  The Rector also explained to support her duty, she has added three more additional assistance or which is commonly called Vices of Rector to assist in Campus and University operation.

‘The result of meeting coordination among boards agreed on adding 3 (three) more Vices Rector that presently become 5 (five)  who are  Capable and talented staff among whom are trusted to be all out to work on their job description to work hard smartly to reach our mission to be the University of which has been  set very well by the founder to be An International Standard University,” Sunda Ariana explained.

As informed, those five Assistance  Rector Are, Academic Affair, Research Innovation and Technology Affair , Students Affair , Students, Alumnus and Partnership Affair,  General Affair  (GA) and Human Resource (HR) Affair and Account & Financial Affair

The talented Daughter of the late Prof. Ir. H. Bochari Rachman (the Founder) also spoke about some dream of the founder which now have been in her commitment to reach that is to prove to be the University which holds on The International Standard.

“ We are keeping on our path line as has been set up earlier,  particularly in gaining the dream to be the international standard University which is based on High Tech. Presently we are on those ways and have prepared and committed  many things to prove it, “said her.

She admitted that is not an easy job to do, However, it has been on its ways.

Among those criteria, she mentioned are, international scale Research and Study, the resulted scientific research published internationally and so forth.

“Not only in the field of teaching work or teaching research, but also the community devotion program must have  been  in international scale,” she added.

Furthermore, this lady Rector also explained that the University presently, is developing the new study Programs  intensively as well as adding more opted choices for those who plan to continue their study in Bina Darma University.

“Alhamdulillah what we are proud of is what we have achieved in the moment. Therefore, we are really aware of knowing the need to study, the prior study to choose, the industrial requirement of various sectors of those have to be prepared and available in our campus as respond of labor market either in these early years or in next further decades,“ she ended.

As it is also informed that Bina Darma University presently owns 23 Study programs that are active and accredited.

These below Listed is Members Board Leaders on Bina Darma University

  1. Rector : Dr. Sunda Ariana, M.Pd., M.M
  2. 2. Vise Rector, Academic Affair Izman Herdiansyah, S.T., M.M., P.hD
  3. Vise Rector, Research Tecnologi and Inovasion Affair : Dr. Edi Surya Negara, M.Kom
  4. Vise Rector, Students, Alumnus and Partnership Affair : Hendri Zainuddin, S.H
  5. Vise Rector, HR & General Affair, Ria Andryani, M.M.,M.Kom
  6. Vise Rector, Financial and Account Affair Yetty Karatu, S.E., Ak
  7. Director, PT Bina Darma Technology Solution and PT Bina Darma Konsultan, Dedy Syamsuar, M.I.T., Ph.

Sources : UBD Press Center

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