Fajar Ali, Look..! Everybody is Proud Of You Man…!

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Fajar Ali, Gold Medal Gymnast From South Sumatra
Fajar Ali, South Sumatra Gymnastics Athlete Wins First Gold PON Papua

PAPUA, GESAHKITA COM—This is what makes the people of South Sumatra proud of.! So the word “Awesome” deserves to be attached to the South Sumatra gymnast, Fajar Ali. Why not, Fajar Ali managed to score the start of winning the gold medal for the contingent from South Sumatra at the PON XX (National Sport Event Week), Papua  Sunday (3/10/2021).

The Chairperson of the All-Indonesian Gymnastics Association (PERSANI) of South Sumatra who is also the Chancellor of Bina Darma University, Dr Sunda Ariana MPd MM enthusiastically welcomed this good news. She, then immediately appreciated Fajar Ali’s victory at PON XX Papua.

“We really appreciate this victory, for Fajar Ali, we give a bonus scholarship to study at Bina Darma University,” She said.

Fajar Ali Saat Naik Tribun terima Medali emas Pertama Sumsel pada PON Papua
Fajar Ali, South Sumatra Gymnastics Athlete Wins First Gold PON Papua

Fajar Ali’s struggle was not limited to training alone. It turned out that in order to focus on providing preparations for the Papua PON during the Centralized Pelatda (Local intensive Training)  he was even willing to leave his business.

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“Previously, I was running a business but it was deliberately closed because I really wanted to focus on preparing for the PON first,” said Fajar Ali before the departure of PON XX Papua.

In fact, apart from efforts and prayers, one thing that can be a positive thing that can be imitated from Fajar Ali is sungkem(The approval) from parents before leaving.

And now Fajar Ali has become a sports patriot who has made South Sumatra proud at the day after the opening of the country’s biggest prestigious sporting event.(*)

Sources : Bina Darma University

Edited : Arjeli Sy Jr


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